Our Small Newborn Wishlist

December 4, 2019

Now if you follow me on the gram or we're friends on FB, then you know that my husband and I are almost halfway through our pregnancy with our third (still can't believe I'm saying this) child!! And we are soooo excited, its hard to keep it in. Lately, I've been gushing over all these new products and cute onesies/outfits I've been seeing. And I've been thinking to myself, "Wow, I wish all of this existed when I had my first two!". Baby products in general have come SUCH a long way since 2014 and I am so very excited to indulge in all the baby goodness.

1) My number one pick will have to be the Willow Breast Pump . Pumping is a big thing for me when I breast feed, and though I do have an incredible breast pump already, I'd love to have one that's wireless to where I can pump on the go! When I use my breast pump, I just feel so tied down all of the time. Like nothing can ever get done. With the Willow, I can do all of the things and not feel guilty about it!

2) Something that I've been in love with for the past year or so, and something that I probably will never get to have my hands on but would love...this Charlie Crane LEVO Baby Rocker! This little rocker is just the cutest little thing I honestly have ever seen. I love how simplistic it is!

3) I am that mom that LOVES matching outfits for the kiddos! Because honestly, why have more than one kid if they're not going to match 24/7? Now, we're a family that absoultely loves to eat. And as I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across this brand and found this set - INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE! I would love to get these for the kiddos because why not?! Two of my fav things combined: food and my kids = YASSSSSS! 

4) With all the kids being between 3 years apart, we've gone from needing a double to stroller to no stroller. And now, we're back to needing a stroller! Though, our dilemma is more so whether we should have a double or just a single? We'd love something that's not too long, simple, and lightweight. Strollers we've had in the past have been quite clunky and heavy. Being in the new day and age, there's so many to choose from that honestly it's been hard to narrow down the choices!

5. I've always been in love with Freshly Picked. Their shearling moccs are great for winters here in Colorado. And the fact that they have a whollllllle Disney collab makes my heart sing! Though, at the moment, we don't know the gender, my husband and I do love that many of their moccs are gender neutral! Gender neutral items are my absolute fav.

6. Since I had my daughter, I had been fawning over Fawn Design's diaper bags! I love their sleek design and simple colors. It's vegan leather, that I appreciate, and comes with stroller straps which is a MUST nowadays. Easy clean is also a plus for me!

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Also, if you have any suggestions or your own review on any of these products, please let me know in my comments section!

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