Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers 2019

December 11, 2019

Hey, it may be the second week in December, but better to post this late than to never post it at all. Amiright?! I made these quick gift guides for those last minute shoppers (since I am one of those) and everything is reasonably priced. All of these are in some of my favorite stores and, since everyone uses it, Amazon!

Starting off with my daughter who is five. These are some of the items I have chosen for her. These are ones that she's been talking about alllllll year long.

Kids Camera - My fav gift for her is the camera. She's obsessed with taking photos just like mama is! She took the ipad onto a summer trip with her grandparents once and took 10,000 photos! So, I think it's time for a little upgrade.

Scooter - This scooter is cute and simple for kiddos this age! Sadly, only comes in two colors. But I am glad it's big enough to fit both my daughter and my son (who share everything and are both very tall for their age).

Toy Story Girl Jammies - Are you kids obsessed with Toy Story like mine are? I get, "Can we watch Toy Story???" ATLEAST three times a day. And we love pajamas in this household. So why not mix the two?! Finding her a girl set wasn't the easiest, but I just know she will love it! And if you continue reading along, I've also chosen a boy set for our son.

Piggy Paint - The only way I had hear about this brand was through Instagram, and I'm glad I did. I honestly love that its non-toxic and kid safe! My daughter is the girliest little girl I know. I'm still not sure where she gets it from because it's definitely not from me, but I try to embrace it! She loves make up and nail polish, and since we really don't want her messing with makeup just yet, we decided to grab her some of this!

Unicorn Blanket - Like most kids nowadays, she's completely obsessed with unicorns. And since it's cold here lately in Colorado Springs, we decided this was pretty perfect for her! Super cute and keeps her warm!

Plus Plus - These building blocks are amazing! We ran into these at Bass Pro while waiting to see Santa, and my kids loved it! They come in tons of different sets, colors, and sizes. It's a great STEM toy. For my daughter, we had chosen something similar to this set. Though, since the new baby is due to arrive next year, we decided to go with the bigger sized pieces so that it won't become a choking hazard.

Next up, my son who is two. He was definitely a lot easier to shop for. Mostly because when he likes something, he becomes EXTREMELY OBSESSED for pretty much forever. These are a few of the items I have chosen.

Bear Blanket - Like my daughter, our son is also obsessed with unicorns. But since we didn't want them both to have the same blankets, we decided to go with bear (something else he's obsessed with). These little hooded blankets are cute and will keep them warm!

Toy Story Toys - Since he's still a little young and constantly breaking every toy he pretty much owns, we decided to go with a Buzz and Woody plush instead of the more interactive plastic version that we can get when he's older. Thankfully, Disney had most of their Toy Story toys on markdown! So they were all pretty good deals!

Toy Story Jammies - We saw these in store months ago and he hasn't stopped talking about it since! I've loved these pajamas since they first came out, and I'm glad I was able to snag a pair on Black Friday. These are no longer Black Friday price, but I honestly think its still a really good deal.

Lincoln Log Train Set - This little boy loves himself some trains! And us as parents love Lincoln Logs. So put the two together, and it comes out to this set! Anything that has to do with cowboys and trains he would absolutely love.

Firetruck Ride On - This is something he'd absolutely love! Though, the price is a little high, it'd definitely be worth it. PBK is one of my favorite places to shop and I love all of their items!

Chair - We love these comfy chairs! My daughter has a recliner she had gotten for her birthday a few years ago, and our son is always sitting in it. Which leads to fighting over it. Getting him one of his own will keep them from fighting, and I'm sure he'd just absolutely love it!

Next, shopping for my big ol' brawny husband. Thankfully, he's pretty easy to shop for. Star Wars, steaks (or any meat really), comfy clothes and shoes!

Steaks - Protein, protein, protein! The man in my life loves himself some steaks! But what man doesn't? If he could, he'd eat them 24/7. Being able to give him a good supply of great meat is definitely the least I could do for the love of my life.

Comfy Slippers - My husband loves to live in comfort! Especially having comfy feet. Finding shoes, or really anything that goes on his feet, is hard to find because his size ranges from 13-15 depending on the item. Finding comfy slippers for him definitely wasn't easy. These slippers were rated the best orthopedic slipper of 2019!

Drum Sticks - He is a drummer. Has both an acoustic AND electric kit. He goes through tons of sticks throughout the year. This brand is his favorite! Plus being able to buy them in a pack honestly makes things so much easier.

Footed Blanket - Like I said before, my husband LOVES to live in comfort! And finding a blanket with a foot pocket is the ultimate level of comfort! It is sherpa lined and 50x70. Large enough to cover a small family or one gigantic husband.

Star Wars Video Game - I'm so glad that my husband is a simple man that LOVES Star Wars. It's pretty much his one and only obsession in life (besides his kids). This game had just come out this year and I'm sure he's eager to play it! 

Fossil Wallet - I accidentally ruined my husbands old wallet that he truly loved. So, to make it up to him, I got him a personalized new one! Fossil now personalizes their items and I absolutely love that. They're also one of our favorite brands for watches and leather goods.

And lastly, gifts for mama! As a mom, I love to make things easier for myself in every way I possibly can. I've been told I'm pretty horrible to shop for because I never know what I want. In this case, I finally do haha!

Harry Potter Book Set - Now, if you know anything about me, you know my number one obsession is Harry Potter. I love the books, I love the movies, I love it all! I've been wanting to read my kids the series for awhile, but was afraid they wouldn't be interested. And I'm soooo happy they started coming out with the illustrated versions because I think it'd make it so much easier for my little ones to get interested in an amazing world of magic!

Robot Vacuum - I have been wanting a robot vacuum for some time now. One of my daily chores (that I absolutely hate) is sweeping. I sweep an infinite amount of times in a day. Having one of these would make my daily chores that much better for myself.

UGG Slippers - UGG is my fave brand to wear during the winters here in Colorado. I have been wanting a pair of slippers, or something similar, for awhile now. I hear nothing but good things about these slippers!

Converse - I love my converse! And if I could, I'd buy a million white pairs because that's the only ones I ever wear. I absolutely love how they came out with a shoreline version that requires no tying! My daughter had some and she loved them. Cannot wait to get a pair of these and some for the kiddos for matching purposes!

Harry Potter Bedspread - I mean, honestly, you can't say that this bedspread isn't beautiful! And honestly, anything Pottery Barn is just fantastic. It's so dreamy and would look perfect in our bedroom. Comes in three sizes!

Maternity Pillow - Never have I ever had a maternity pillow. But I've been having a hard time with this pregnancy, and I feel like this would help me immensely. These pillows were rated one of the best out of all the pregnancy pillows out there.

Hopefully this helped some of you last minute shoppers! If you have any suggestions for any of the different sections, please let me know in the comments down below.

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