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August 15, 2018

Delilah has become a little fashionista over the years. As an extremely independent four year old, she's now allowed to pick her own outfits. Which she loves! And this year will be her first year in school and boy are we excited (and nervous, and scared, and literally every emotion under the sun)! Delilah is starting preschool and we've gotten tons of stuff to buy. Such as glitter glue, cotton balls, kleenex - you know, the typical preschool stuff. But honestly, my little girl and I are just excited to go clothes shopping!

We love clothes and we love to shop. We're definitely always shopping on a budget! So for our back to school shopping, we've decided to go with our favorite store: Old Navy.

{ 1.  Floral Fit & Flare / 2. Camotanical Shirt /  3. Cinched Waist Dress / 4. Jean Trucker Jacket

This is definitely the store to go to show off all of her great personality. She's got so much sass for a four year old! And her style shows that. Whether she's wearing a tutu, a dress, or a shirt and some jeans - she makes sure the sass shows! Now, as her mother, I do ask her what she likes and what she doesn't like when we're out clothes shopping. Other times, I'll just buy what I think she'll look best in. So, in this case, I've put a collection of clothes I'd love to see her in!

Together, Delilah and I love any type of color and any type of flowers on pretty much anything. And since we just moved from the warmth of Texas, I decided it'd be best to also add long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and jackets for the cooler seasons to come here in Colorado. Her favorite color is pink and mine is green. So I always intentionally try to find pieces that have both colors. Or if I can't find anything of the sort, I try to go for solid colors. As you can tell above, these solid colors just spoke to me! And the shoes! Oh, the shoes. She is SUCH is a big fan of glitter. And when I saw these shoes, I knew they were perfect for her.

My baby girl is getting so big and really getting into fashion. I'm so glad I get to help her along the way into the big crazy world of it. Definitely cannot wait to go shopping now!

Disclaimer: This is not an ad. This is merely a post about my obsession with kidswear from Old Navy.

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