Blue Bonnet Season

April 9, 2018

It's wildflower season here in Texas and we're definitely extra excited for that! And when in take blue bonnet photos! We weren't able to frolic along the many fields of flowers last year so being able to take the kiddos along this year was very important to me.

Spring has a funny way of surprising everyone here in our neck of the woods, but it stuck around for a few days, and decided to bounce back to winter all of a sudden. In those few days, we ended up finding a beautiful patch of blue bonnets. Seeing as this was our last spring here in Texas, I figured this would be the most opportune time to take photos of them!

They absolutely loved running up and down the fields. As much as I tried to get them to stay in the flatter/green areas, I ended up doing the bad (or maybe good?) mom thing and letting them unknowingly stomp around and have fun. Because in the end, the flowers are beautiful, but my kids having fun ended up being more important. And when we were about to leave, a sweet couple offered to take a photo of the three of us! I was so surprised by that because obviously, I wasn't dressed for it. But also because it's very rare that I get into photos with my kids. And this was definitely a moment I didn't want to miss. I will forever cherish that sweet couple for walking by and snapping a few pics for me because this is definitely a moment I'll want us all to remember.

o u t f i t    d e t a i l s

- Ruffled Top x Old Navy
- Pink Tulle Skirt x Carters
- Mary Janes x Target

- Carrot-Print Shirt x Old Navy
- Pull-On Shorts x Old Navy
- White Converse x Converse
- Bow Tie + Suspenders x Target

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