January 27, 2018

t h r e e / 52

Delilah has been quite the artist lately. 

Santa gifted her a table top easel for Christmas and this is her first time trying it out! She absolutely loves it. One side has a dry erase board and the other side is a chalkboard. Then we went to Ikea and bought some easel accessories that we didn't have before. Tabeltop paper holder (so she can also draw on paper), a paper roll, chalk, and a wonderful set of markers! She's been obsessed ever since. And it was great to finally see her use colors other than brown, brown, and oh yeah, brown. I'll do absolutely anything to spark her creativity. And if that includes letting her throw her paint everywhere, or smearing chalk all over her clothes, then so be it.

We gotta let kids be kids, right?

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