January 6, 2018

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I haven't done a 52 week project in what seems like...YEARS! And I'm oh so excited to start another one. This is very personal and important for me. Not only as a mother, but also as a photographer.

I am committing to this because of one big thing I had realized the other day. I was looking back on my first pregnancy/child, and I loved how I challenged myself to document life every single day. And that I did. When our daughter came into this wild world, I made sure that my camera was out as much as possible. Because I wanted to make sure that not only did I have memories to look back on, but that my daughter did as well. 

Fast forward to today, our son is almost one and I barely have any photos of him at all. And that truly breaks my heart. Ever since the month of December, I've been trying my hardest to capture these beautiful, crazy, wild moments of two kids growing up.

So, this year of 2018, is for challenges. For memories. For love. For family.

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