My Fav Maternity Items: What I'm Wearing Lately

February 18, 2020

Now, if you've know me well or have been following along on Instagram, you know that I've been pregnant a lot. This is my sixth pregnancy. And over the years, I have collected an array of maternity wear - both comfy and not. I'm not really one to spend too much money on clothing. Though, this pregnancy, I wanted to be be more comfy all around. So I ended up not minding splurging a little more than usual! This time around, I feel like I have finally found the items that I can both look great in and stay comfy at all times! 

Blanqi Everyday Maternity Leggings - (Pictured above and on left) I honestly wish these were a thing back during my first successful pregnancy. I am in love with these leggings! And I honestly wear these out everyday #noshame. They are like butter. Which I know is a plus for women when it comes to leggings. And the support for my belly is magnificent! Never have I ever felt so comfortable in these. The only con I would have is that it doesn't have pockets. If it did, I'd never take them off!! 

Aerie Play Me Real High Leggings - (Pictured right) These are sooo comfortable. I wear them when I'm not even pregnant. Sadly, I was only able to wear these during my first trimester. After that, I ballooned real quick and switched to Blanqi leggings. What I love about Aerie is that they're usually pretty big on having a variety of colors and patterns. I have quite a few pairs that I love and have loved for awhile!

Memory Foam House Slippers - I have something similar to these and they are soooo worth the money whether or not you're pregnant! We have wood floors which get pretty chilly during the winter. Having these slippers around made my feet warmer and ten times more comfy than they usually are. 

Pink Blush Maternity - (Cardigan pictured above) This company is a God send! Everything they have is super cute and super comfy! I have honestly never felt so fashionable while pregnant until I started wearing PBM. 

Old Navy Maternity - This is my go to company for clothes in general. Their maternity section is one of my favs. Not only because of their wide variety of all things maternity, but for their affordability. I have a few maternity jeans, which I LOVE, that I reuse every single time I get pregnant. Absolutely love everything they have.

Under Armor Sweat Pants - Honestly, I feel like mens sweat pants are ten times more comfortable than womens. Which is why I'm constantly stealing every pair my husband buys. But shh, don't tell him! They're just soooo roomy, especially after my bump started growing, that I cannot stop wearing them when I'm home. This is probably my most favorite thing to wear!

Slip On Shoes - When I'm not seen wearing my UGGs during the winter, or my fav Vans, I'm seen with these shoes from Target! It was love at first site when I saw these in store. I just had to have them! And thankfully, it's come in handy this pregnancy when I wasn't able to tie my shoes or bend over to put some boots on. They're comfy and easy to put on. Plus, matches with pretty much everything I wear! 

*If you have any wearable suggestions that you loved, please leave them below in the comments. *

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