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August 28, 2017

m i n i  - e d i t i o n   w i s h l i s t

Out of my two kids, neither are of age to start school. My oldest is only three. BUT that definitely doesn't stop me from imagining the back to school outfits I'd snag for her during this season!

Now, if you follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter, you would know that I absolutely am OBSESSED with Target. But honestly, what mom isn't?! AMIRITE? Target has amazing deals ALL. OF. THE. TIME. For pretty much everything. It's fantastic! And now that my daughter is growing out her toddler clothes and into "big girl clothes" (#uglycrying!), it has become my mission to make sure she wears the cutest, most durable, affordable and comfortable clothes ever.

With that being said, Delilah has such a fun personality. She's definitely adapted to living in Texas so much that she's become quite the cowgirl with a hint of sweet southern belle! She loves color and pretty much anything that she can wear with her cowgirl boots. And I love anything denim. So I really try to broaden her horizon when it comes to what she wears. Dresses are her new favorite thing! I never grew up wearing them, so I never thought if she'd ever like to wear them. But somehow within the past three years, she's grown to loving them. I also picked out some booties for her adding to her sweet southern belle look. Most days, she's a laid back dresser like her mama and picks out t-shirts and a pair of sneakers for herself.

All in all, she really has a keen sense of style that I love. And whatever she wears definitely describes how she's feeling. And whatever she wears, I let her know how beautiful she is. No matter what.

Disclaimer: This is not an ad. This is merely a post about my obsession with kidswear from Target.

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