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June 19, 2017

i n t r o d u c i n g   o u r   l i t t l e   m a n

Steven Joshua was born in the afternoon of March 21st. He was the bigger of the two babies that I've had, but the by far, the easiest birth. I was set to be induced at 40 weeks. Steven was not budging, and after working everyday up until this day, I was ready for him to come out! 

The day before didn't start off too well. Sadly, our daughter had come down with pneumonia and had stayed the night in the ER. Though, I was too glad to see her (as long as I was wearing a face mask) right before I was sent to be induced. Thankfully, she made a speedy recovery and was sent home with some meds. Since the doctors didn't want our newborn to get sick, she stayed with family for the first week - just in case.

The induction started at 4am. For hours, I just laid in my bed watching a very wonderful marathon of Doctor Who. Thank goodness for one of my favorite shows to be on at a time when my nerves were shot, right! By the time 8am rolled around, I was definitely starting to feel the contractions. As short and not so painful as they were, I knew what was coming. I just didn't know how soon. 

Contraction after contraction after contraction. More and more pain by the hour. I tried to be a tough cookie but that epidural just sounded too good at the time! BUT by the time the pain was too much to handle, I wasn't able to have it, and I was ready to push. I felt every jab, twist, move, and pull. Everything was extremely painful, but at the same time, it wasn't at all. Luckily, I pushed for 15min and out he was! The most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my entire life! 

Steven had his big almond eyes wide open at me. And man, he melted my heart! Then he looked at his father, and he too, melted like butter. The second sweetest moment of our lives. We are so thankful to have had such a healthy, beautiful baby boy with no complications. It was a beautiful birth and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

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