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August 19, 2015

My husband and I absolutely LOVE to eat. We are definitely lowkey foodies. While living in California, we drove from restaurant to restaurant every single weekend trying to get our grub on! We love trying new and fantastic things. From Indian, to Asian, to South African, we're all down for it! So, after moving back to the Phoenix area, our craving to eat something new was not being fulfilled because I did not know of any places here that I haven't tried before. After a long while of googling, I ended up finding and following the Instagram account for the Phoenix Flea Market, @phxflea. They follow lots of creative people and post about their favorite places in the area to eat certain types of food! And ever since then, I have made a kind of long list (on my phone) of places we need to pay a visit to!

- Mighty Moo                                                                                        - Churn
- Windsor                                                                                              - Tru Burger
- CheezHeadz                                                                                        - Rito's Mexican Food
- The Oink Cafe                                                                                    - Chino Bandidos
- Slanter Rice                                                                                        - Blanco Tacos
- Joyride Taco House                                                                            - Rollover Doughnuts
- Cornish Pastry Company                                                                    - Over Easy
- Bosa Donuts                                                                                       - Urban Cookies
- Chicken + Donuts

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