3 Things I'd Do Differently With My Next Pregnancy

April 23, 2015

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I loved being pregnant. Most women will say their pregnancies were horrible but (for me) being pregnant was like nothing I've ever felt. Technically, this was my fourth pregnancy but my only successful pregnancy. Which made this the most special of them all. I was scared because I did not know anything about how to care for a child, let alone a newborn. Yet, I was excited to finally receive what my husband and I have prayed for for years. When I first became pregnant, I wanted to do all the things. As the months passed, I just couldn't fathom doing anything but absolutely nothing all day long. Knowing how lazy I became during this pregnancy makes me strive to make my next rounded belly moments

1. Work out, stay healthy!  Since this was our first child, and I had a high risk pregnancy, we had both decided that it would be best I stay as healthy as possible. At first, I was all for it! Until the cravings started coming in, then I kind of threw that healthy diet was out the window. I still ate normally and had three meals a day but I snacked incredibly unhealth-ily. I also tried working out, but ended up just giving that up as well because I was just too lazy to do much of anything. I am now regretting it because I gained a lot of extra weight after my pregnancy because of all the bad habits I created. I'm now paying the price by working out twice a day and eating super duper healthy!

2. Decorate the nursery. A few months before our daughter was born, we had moved into a new house. My husband and I tried to decorate the nursery, but it was something we wanted to do together. Either he was too tired after coming home from a long day of work or I was just too tired from growing a child 24/7. We built her crib, put painted letters up on the wall, built a dresser, and ended the nursery after that. Her room is not as nice as the kind you see in photos on Pinterest or Instagram, but it was the best we could do before she entered this crazy wonderful world. For our next child, I'd LOVE to actually build a wonderful sanctuary for him or her. I know they're just babies and don't care what their room looks like, but I'd love to make something great just for them.

3. Document more. I have heard about other mommies and mommy's to be writing in daily in journals about their days. Along with taking multiple photos of their bump. I look back on my pregnancy with Delilah, and I just wish I did what others did. I wish I took more photos. I wish I wrote more on how I felt and what I felt. I wish did more with my bump but I never did. Being pregnant was an amazing time for me. The fact that I wasn't able to document it or share it more with the world (even if no one even cared to read it) bothers me greatly. Though, I know with my next one, I will make sure I make tons of notes on how amazingly blessed I am to have a beautiful human being grow inside of me.

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