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February 20, 2015

Honestly, if I could make all my fresh 48 sessions black and white, I would, because the photos just seem that much more amazing. So, when I do end up blogging these kinds of sessions, that is why they are in black and white. I could honestly talk forever about how gorgeous photos get when they aren't in color but ya know, not gonna do that.

Anywho -

This, ladies and gents, is the Forakers.  They are now parents to four amazing kiddos! On February 11, these two were blessed with a new family member. Little baby B was their biggest baby weighing in at 6lbs! Their last three children were all small in size, so this was a shocker for the both of them. This little beauty had the tiniest feet and the chubbiest cheeks. She had gorgeous newborn skin and a wily newborn cry that will just melt your heart.  I honestly fell in love with their daughter so quickly, she made me want to have another kid! Sadly, they are leaving to the other coast very soon. I wish them the very best of luck with their new lovely and new life.

Congrats to these two wonderful people!

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