Delilah Linda

May 11, 2014

"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs since the payment is pure love."
-Mildred B. Vermont

You have taught me so much. You have seen me grow as a mother alongside your growth as a child. You have given me strength like never before. We continue to learn more about each other as each day passes. And every day, I thank God again and again for the wonderful life he put into my womb - the life that is now growing to be a beautiful little girl.

And I thought being a wife was great, but being a mom is even better.


  1. You are killing me slowly.
    I'm about 16 weeks pregnant and so anticipating feeling these feelings.
    You both look beautiful.

  2. Love your photos, this is so sweet Adele!
    She is such a doll!

  3. Beautiful! We should schedule a playdate :)

  4. she is adorable and love her little outfit. you know when I first had my daughter it surprised me how amazing it was and is.


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