With This Ring, I Thee Wed

January 22, 2012

Joshua and I got married on Wednesday January 11, 2012 in Copperas Cove, Texas. There were quite a few guests that came to celebrate our big day with us. This will probably be the day that I'll always remember the most. I vow to remember every detail of this day and to never forget, even when I'm 90.

Planning a wedding, even a small one, is very stressful. We had two weeks to prepare, though, two weeks wasn't quite enough time. We ended up doing all the important stuff last minute. We finished all of our past due errands with an hour and a half to spare. After getting a quick kiss from Josh, I ran to the bathroom to get ready. A few moments later, both families were together talking in the living room. I then heard sounds of excitement as Josh walked out with his dress blues on. I hurried to finish my hair and makeup because I knew we were running out of time. My stuff was scattered all over the house, so it took some time to get all my stuff together. We ended up leaving the house around 2:55pm and right as we got to the car, a family friend, Rob, came by to catch a ride. I then remembered I had forgotten my bouquet of sunflowers! My one and only favorite addition to my little ol' wedding :]

The eight of us end up cramming ourselves into one car and a mini van and started our voyage to the married life. On the way to the court house, we listened to Bye Bye Bye by Nsync, and Rob joked and said, "It's bye bye bye to the single life and your money!". Hahaha, we all got to the courthouse at a decent time. The eight of us decided to wait outside, as windy as it was, for all of the other guests to arrive. Time winded down and we all eventually went inside the courthouse. Our guests eventually made it and walked quietly inside. The ceremony started, and it felt so awkward having so many eyes on just us two. I looked up at Joshua as he smiled so sincerely at me. I made a face to try and make him laugh because God only knew how I felt at that very moment. So, making Josh, or anyone at that matter, laugh was a way of coping - and it worked. The justice of peace began to speak and Josh grabbed my hand and held it tightly. We barely broke eye contact for a good five minutes. Then we began our vows. He began with his and never broke away from my eyes. I tried to focus on what was being said because I could look into his eyes forever. I ended up getting caught off guard by the tears starting to form in his eyes. Thus, tears started to form in mine as well. Lucky for him, he was able to hold his back. As I started my vows, I just couldn't keep it in anymore. Tears started rolling down my face one by one as I tried to force some form of words out of my mouth.

I finally finished my vows, and stopped crying, the rings were given, and he finally said, "You may now kiss the bride". We officially became Mr. and Mrs. Moore! We hugged each other for quite awhile and hugged all of our guests. We all talked for a little bit, but were booted out by another appointment. So, we moved the wedding party to a Chinese restaurant for "wedding reception". All of us ate, talked, shared stories, and loved each other for a good couple of hours. Guests started leaving. Some had to go back to work, others had PT, some had to put their kids to sleep. Both of our families, plus Rob, went back to the Moore's house to eat some "wedding cake". This cake was more perfect, and yummy, than I ever imagined! Perfectly perfect for the occasion. This was an 18" ice cream cake from Dairy Queen :3 There was green everywhere and sunflowers, which are my favorite flower, on one side. The inside, in order, was vanilla ice cream, thin layer of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, and chocolate ice cream at the bottom. This cake didn't last for very long. It was that amazing. Like I said.

Yes, my mother in law spelled married wrong, but that's okay. Nobody really noticed :D I'd like to thank everyone who made it, especially those who tried, to our little wedding ceremony. It really meant the world to us! And to those who couldn't make it, it's okay. We're still having the big wedding in December.

This day will forever go down in history as one of the best days of my life. So so so many great things to start of the new year, and I'm so excited for what 2012 has in store for the both of us! Currently, Joshua has been sent back to training. Even though we're married, we'll still be apart for the first half of our first year of marriage. Gosh, that was a mouthful. Ha, I'm excited to spend the next million years with him because this is the happiest I have ever been in my 19 years of existence.

I love Joshua so much, and he loves me. Forever and ever ♥


  1. Oh wow! The wedding sounds so perfect and you two look so happy! You two are so lucky to have each other. :) I hope to find love as beautiful as yours someday. <3

  2. And you will, no doubt about that! Thank you so much :')

  3. OH Adele! :D You sound so happy! I can't believe you guys cried. :) awww I am just bubbling with emotion from reading that! I can't wait to see you guys in December! I love you guys so much! I'm so happy for you x) I feel like I over kill the whole 'I'm happy for you' but I really truly am! :)

  4. Shhh, don't tell him I wrote that Loren :p He'll go all drill sergeant on me! Hahaha I know Lorenium, I know <3 I'm happy for me too. Thank you for being one of my bestest friends and I can't wait to share our bigger wedding with you all <3 I love youuuuu!

  5. HAHA! Great little intimate wedding! Love it. Really enjoyed it! Wishing you a happy and long marriage!


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