Marine Corps Recruit Depot

December 29, 2011

The military definitely runs in the Moore family and I am so glad to be part of all of this. Joshua's boot camp graduation was on December 21, 2011. He was the tallest in his platoon - thank goodness - he was so easy to find! San Diego, regardless, is a beautiful place. Spending those few extra days outside the depot with Josh was amazing! Josh was soooo happy to see all of us, but women in general, since he saw very few of them in the last 13 weeks. He gave his mother a hug first, then his dad whom he hasn't seen since June (deployment), and then me. Both family day and Graduation day were very touching and exciting! Joshua's grandparents came and we all spent time together. Everyone was swapping their boot camp stories. This is an amazing family, and I am soon to be permanently part of it in exactly two weeks.

Semper fi.

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